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Tl;dr Book Review — The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker

Tl;dr – ★★★☆☆ Overall, an interesting look at gatherings and how we can shape them to accomplish a variety of tasks. We’ll admit the first few chapters felt a little nebulous — we were expecting more defined lines around gatherings and how they were received (metrics, research, etc.). The Art of Gathering isn’t that kind…

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Tl;dr Book Review — Getting Along by Amy Gallo

Tl;dr – ★★★★☆ I am a big fan of Amy Gallo — she has a great podcast with HBR, a great LinkedIn presence, and now a great book. So I was excited to read this one, thinking about all the difficult people I was going to be able to convert after I had all the…

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Tl;dr Book Review — Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Tl;dr – ★★★★☆ We previously posted about Kim Scott’s book Just Work. In some ways, Radical Candor is a simpler introduction to the themes in Just Work. That’s not to say that it’s shallow — the book provides valuable insights and practical advice that can help any leader create a more positive and productive workplace.…

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Tl;dr Book Review — Just Work by Kim Scott

Tl;dr – ★★★★☆ This is a great introduction to workplace injustice — how to recognize and fix it. The book is broken out into three parts: We’ve broken down each of these sections in our full review below, so you can skip to the sections you’re interested in. If you’re not able to spend the…

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Tl;dr Book Review — Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip & Dan Heath

Tl;dr — ★★★★★ (🏆 FAV of 2022) When we play the role of business manager for our clients or work with Chiefs of Staff, we’re often hyper focused on efficiencies of systems and how information gets organized & operationalized in the org. There’s a scary, nebulous concept lurking behind that work though — change. And it’s…

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Tl;dr Book Review — Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

Tl;dr – ★★★★★ We’re sure you’ve heard of Brené Brown at this point — and if you haven’t, where have you been? It feels like her TED Talks and books are everywhere. She’s referenced in many of the other books we’ve read about equity, team culture, and change. That’s because she is the SME on…

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Tl;dr Book Review — Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg

Tl;dr – ★★★★★ Every once in a while, we read a book that defies our Tl;dr concept — a book that we want everyone to read in full. We loved this book. “It was one of my favorite books I read all year, and that doesn’t mean favorite books I read for work, it means…

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Tl;dr Book Review — Rhythm by Patrick Thean

Tl;dr – ★★★☆☆ There’s some solid advice wrapped up in this book – but there’s also lots of fluff. Essentially, Thean proposes three types of “rhythms” to accelerate growth — think, plan, and do. Thean argues that a “commitment to cadence” using these rhythms leads to growth for companies. Think Rhythm A rhythm of strategic…

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