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Tl;dr Book Review — Rhythm by Patrick Thean

Tl;dr – ★★★☆☆

There’s some solid advice wrapped up in this book – but there’s also lots of fluff.

Essentially, Thean proposes three types of “rhythms” to accelerate growth — think, plan, and do.

Thean argues that a “commitment to cadence” using these rhythms leads to growth for companies.

Think Rhythm

A rhythm of strategic thinking to keep their teams focused, working on the future of their business.

Practical recommendations

Plan Rhythm

A rhythm of execution planning to choose the right priorities and get their departments and divisions aligned.

Practical recommendations

Do Rhythm

A rhythm of executing the plan and making effective and timely adjustments every week.

Practical recommendations

Three proposed meetings to “do the work and make decisions”

Other notes:

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