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From COS to CRO: How to chart a path from your current to future role

Be strategic and approach your career just as you would approach your business. A crucial step of career planning is knowing where you want to go and developing a plan of action to get you there. We have seen incredible value through our career planning intensives. These intensives yield a clear-eyes assessment of where an…

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Stop reacting to fire drills and start responding with resilience

Tl;dr — Building dynamic OKRs allows your team to respond to change while remaining rooted in collective priorities. We previously discussed how your team’s ability to triage fire drills directly impacts the success of your prioritization and goal planning. Having mechanisms in place to allow your team to triage and prioritize fire drills is foundational.…

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How to stop fire drills from playing havoc with your team’s prioritization

Tl;dr — Your team’s ability to triage fire drills from stakeholders directly impacts the success of your prioritization and goal planning. Business today is fast & complex. That might be the understatement of the decade — technological innovation, fast-paced competition, the need to manage paradoxical strategies, increased unpredictability of outcomes, globalization, the growing interdependence between…

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ROB Part 1: Establishing a strong rhythm of business is your shortcut to operational excellence

Talk about operational excellence seems to be everywhere. The concept shows up frequently from ambitious goals in OKRs to quick LinkedIn posts. It’s so prevalent in talks about transformation and growth, that the meaning has been diluted and abstracted — so much so, that it’s difficult to develop specific plans to reach operational excellence. Never…

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ROB Part 2: Get your house in order by implementing your rhythm of business

The first step of developing a strong internal rhythm of business (ROB) is by documenting your current landscape. We took a look at how to do this in ROB Part 1: Establishing a strong rhythm of business is your shortcut to operational excellence. But after you’ve documented the state of your current ROB, you’ll move…

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ROB Part 3: Use your rhythm of business to refine & align OKRs

We’ve documented our current ROB and started getting our house in order by implementing new rhythms. So what steps are left in the phased plan that allow you to reach your operational excellence goals? Refine & align OKRs In order to drive your new ROB, your entire team needs to understand their roles and how…

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How women modernize traditions to build bonds outside the boardroom

We all remember that scene from Titanic. As a first class dinner comes to a close, Rose predicts the men will suggest brandy in the smoking room where they’ll “congratulate themselves for being masters of the universe” and discuss business & politics. 🥃 The activity is exclusive and exclusionary. The women are left at the…

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How to effectively communicate to boost your team’s success

We’ve all felt the effects of poor communication. Noisy inboxes full of everything except the things you’re actually looking for, unclear priorities that are talked about inconsistently, a lack of coordination within and between teams… Effective communication is crucial for the success of any sized team, and leaders play a key role in fostering upward…

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ROB Part 4: The critical role of comms in delivering on your business

You’ve done all the work to establish your strategic plan and team priorities for culture, learning, and ways of operating. And 6 months in they have yet to gain traction. What happened? We often see the best laid plans thwarted without a consistent drumbeat of excitement, progress, and steering from leaders. A robust rhythm of…

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