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From COS to CRO: How to chart a path from your current to future role

Be strategic and approach your career just as you would approach your business. A crucial step of career planning is knowing where you want to go and developing a plan of action to get you there. We have seen incredible value through our career planning intensives. These intensives yield a clear-eyes assessment of where an…

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How women modernize traditions to build bonds outside the boardroom

We all remember that scene from Titanic. As a first class dinner comes to a close, Rose predicts the men will suggest brandy in the smoking room where they’ll “congratulate themselves for being masters of the universe” and discuss business & politics. 🥃 The activity is exclusive and exclusionary. The women are left at the…

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How to take maternity leave without compromising your career

Motherhood is a time of transition and excitement that’s often accompanied by trepidation. If your company offers maternity leave, planning will be key to your success in taking time away. 🐣 There are so many resources out there for expectant mothers to leverage, from books to podcasts to services and beyond. It can be intimidating…

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How your brag sheet becomes an investment in your career

We’ve previously published articles about using a brag sheet to amplify your narrative as well as how to make it a business case for your career. That same brag sheet can be beneficial far outside the walls of your current organization, specifically for your career and personal development. 🎯 In fact, investing time into creating…

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Beyond advice to valuable action

Something we’ve observed time again across the startup community and corporate America at large is that women are far more likely to be on the receiving end of advice, rather than the recipient of valuable actions like deal flow, jobs, and connections. The reason for this is nuanced and influenced by everything from historical to…

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Are you promotion ready?

When it comes to professional growth and development, the prospect of promotion stands as a significant, if not elusive, milestone. The appeal of a new title and elevated status is obviously compelling, but how do you assess your readiness for promotion? A strategic assessment of your qualifications and preparedness is needed before you can take…

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Take your brag sheet to the next level: a guide to success

For many of us, it’s difficult to remember all our recent accomplishments when review time comes. And many find telling the story of the impact of our accomplishments difficult — so imagine how hard it must be for those speaking on your behalf. You’ve started amplifying your narrative in key career moments with a simple…

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How a brag sheet amplifies your narrative in key career moments

At Sparklos, we believe a brag sheet is one of the best tools for owning your narrative and advancing your career. ✨ The most important decisions about your career happen when you’re not in the room. A brag sheet allows you to construct your own narrative via a short, accessible document that makes it easy…

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