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How your brag sheet becomes an investment in your career

We’ve previously published articles about using a brag sheet to amplify your narrative as well as how to make it a business case for your career. That same brag sheet can be beneficial far outside the walls of your current organization, specifically for your career and personal development. 🎯

In fact, investing time into creating and updating your brag sheet is also an investment in your career. As we transition into a new year, consider how you can leverage your brag sheet outside your day-to-day.

When your brag sheet helps you

It can be difficult to pause and take a breath most days, let alone dedicate time to developing a brag sheet. But looking at this project as not only a business case for today, but also an investment for tomorrow will help you find the motivation to prioritize it. 📅

Here are just a few of the avenues that directly orbit your day-to-day where you can leverage your brag sheet to help yourself:

Building the brag muscle

Bragging doesn’t come naturally for many of us. On the surface, confidence is often seen as something you are either innately good or bad at. But bragging is a skill like any other negotiation tactic that should be practiced & perfected.

If you’re feeling stuck, start with the soft stuff. Soft skills & anecdotal feedback can be fast & easy to compile. Start looking for feedback you received about projects you led or create a list of your superpowers & where those have manifested. How are others already talking about you? What are the attributes you would like associated with you? What are you really good at?

A gif shows the creation of a quick list of superpowers including positivity, strategy, connection & empathy, prioritization, tenacity, and decisiveness.

Treating your brag sheet as a living document will help you build that skillset. Talking about your accomplishments regularly trains both you and your manager & advocates, so workout & stretch this muscle. Once it’s built, you’ll realize it’s a skill that does come naturally. 💪

Side effects include…

If you’re still not convinced of the incredible benefits a brag sheet provides, consider the additional impact it could have on your development overall. 🏆

So brag sheets aren’t just tools for crafting a stellar review, they come with positive side effects too. These traits have been proven to be important in advancement, promotion, and negotiation. In these ways, your brag sheet can act as a tool for your own development. 🔧

The brag sheet investment

Your brag sheet will become an investment in your career, so make sure it’s always current. Constantly remind yourself that it is the business case for the here & now, as well as an investment for the future.

Brag sheets come with positive side effects too. They can improve confidence, offer motivation, act as a guide to your North Star, and disqualify imposter syndrome — all traits we know are important in advancement, promotion, and negotiation. Use it to spur your personal development & vision!

Source image: Library of Congress

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