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How women modernize traditions to build bonds outside the boardroom

We all remember that scene from Titanic. As a first class dinner comes to a close, Rose predicts the men will suggest brandy in the smoking room where they’ll “congratulate themselves for being masters of the universe” and discuss business & politics. 🥃 The activity is exclusive and exclusionary. The women are left at the…

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How to effectively communicate to boost your team’s success

We’ve all felt the effects of poor communication. Noisy inboxes full of everything except the things you’re actually looking for, unclear priorities that are talked about inconsistently, a lack of coordination within and between teams… Effective communication is crucial for the success of any sized team, and leaders play a key role in fostering upward…

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The critical role of comms in delivering on your business

You’ve done all the work to establish your strategic plan and team priorities for culture, learning, and ways of operating. And 6 months in they have yet to gain traction. What happened? We often see the best laid plans thwarted without a consistent drumbeat of excitement, progress, and steering from leaders. A robust rhythm of…

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Master the art of prioritization at your next offsite

During COVID, we all felt the disruption to our routines, relationships, and workloads — so it’s no wonder teams are experiencing significant morale issues in the wake of the pandemic. These issues were often identified through confidential employee surveys which gave a baseline way to gauge satisfaction across the team. In our work with leading…

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Maturing your unicorn startup through operational excellence

We all know what it feels like when things are running according to plan. Operational excellence is the key to efficiency, productivity and overall performance within an organization and leads to better employee wellbeing, increased profitability, and a more competitive position in the market. The easiest place to start is examining your rhythm of business…

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Time is your most precious resource, use it wisely

Is it really a new year if you’re still using the same stale calendar? Many of us have operational excellence as a resolution. At the heart of those efforts is how we manage and value our time. That said, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin. One of the quickest wins is…

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Tl;dr Book Review — The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker

Tl;dr – ★★★☆☆ Overall, an interesting look at gatherings and how we can shape them to accomplish a variety of tasks. We’ll admit the first few chapters felt a little nebulous — we were expecting more defined lines around gatherings and how they were received (metrics, research, etc.). The Art of Gathering isn’t that kind…

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How to take maternity leave without compromising your career

Motherhood is a time of transition and excitement that’s often accompanied by trepidation. If your company offers maternity leave, planning will be key to your success in taking time away. 🐣 There are so many resources out there for expectant mothers to leverage, from books to podcasts to services and beyond. It can be intimidating…

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Tl;dr Book Review — Getting Along by Amy Gallo

Tl;dr – ★★★★☆ I am a big fan of Amy Gallo — she has a great podcast with HBR, a great LinkedIn presence, and now a great book. So I was excited to read this one, thinking about all the difficult people I was going to be able to convert after I had all the…

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