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Be the leader you aspire to be

There is so much important work to do - developing strategy, implementing systems, running your business and bringing the best out of diverse talent. Sparklos can help you amplify your impact through our Strategy, Operational Excellence and Advisory practices.

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Extraordinary results - the product of great strategy, well executed, that grows your business - is at the heart of career advancement. Our strategic consulting service builds on long-standing success incubating successful “big bets” that have changed the trajectory of careers. 


We also support a broad range of strategic consulting needs from facilitating strategic planning, to developing purpose and vision to launching programs that expand market share.

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Operational Excellence

Effective team meetings, supportive culture, clear people processes, and predictable rhythms form the foundation of your business. Accountability, visibility and clarity are markers of operational excellence, and impact your reputation and success as a people leader.


We believe this area is so important (and so often neglected) that we developed Spark LOS (Leadership Operating System). Spark LOS is a set of resources, best practices, templates and tools that enable you and your team to operate at your best. 


Spark LOS can be implemented to support your existing team or put in place by Sparklos trained team members who can take on key roles like Chiefs of Staff, Business Managers, Executive Communications, and Program Managers so you step back from operations and step into your greatest impact.

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We have a VP client who is fond of telling those she mentors to “own your own narrative.” A well formed, multi-pronged, long term strategy for career advancement is the basis for the narrative you tell. And what you arm those who support and champion you to tell on your behalf.


Sparklos helps executives develop and exercise voice, brand, network; and provides trusted advice. In collaboration with clients, we help build an intentional narrative and figure out how to land it. As our client relationship deepens, we often take on a trusted advisor role, helping to anticipate, prepare for and deftly navigate the challenges you and your business encounter.

These services can complement coaching, mentoring or other support mechanisms you may have. Sparklos’ focus is to take this part of your success portfolio - regardless of source -  and integrate it with your strategy and operations, to scale your business impact and get the recognition and reward it deserves.

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