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Own your narrative. Be the hero of your story. Frame your past, present and desired future into a leadership story that enables and inspires others to support your hero’s journey!

Join Dr. Felicia Guity, an executive black leader who reached the top 1% of Microsoft leadership and most recently served as COO in Google Engineering to learn how to build a professional value narrative and put it to work with your team, boss and sponsors.

Date: To Be Determined (TBD)
Time Commitment: 3 hours
Format: Live online
Tuition: TBD

Meet Dr. Guity

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  • Served as COO in Google Engineering
  • Promoted to top 1% of Microsoft Leadership with accountability for billions in revenue, spend, and P&L responsibility
  • More than 30 years at world’s most successful tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Citrix, IBM, and Lotus
  • Award-winning executive, leader, and board member driving exceptional business results
  • Sits on the board for Powerful Voices, We Connect the Dots Inc., and Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Dr. Guity is excited to share her journey to Black Leadership and what she’s learned along the way.
You’re in good company!

Join the ranks of emerging leaders from top organizations whom Dr. Guity has helped find success.

In this Workshop you will:

  • Create a personal pitch deck and learn how and when to use it
  • Get Dr. Guity’s take on the leadership styles, skills, and assets that are critical for Black leaders
  • Practice with peers so you’re ready for high-stakes situations
  • Learn from Dr. Guity’s hard won and lost lessons on what works and what doesn’t
  • Expand your community of talented Black leaders
Dr. Guity's teachings from her wealth of experience were invaluable. As a person of color, receiving honesty and encouragement from an executive-level leader who truly grasps the distinct challenges we encounter is rare.
Adam Akisanya Global Marketing Project Manager at The North Face
Dr. Guity's expertise in cloud technology provided great insight for me as I navigated opportunities to further advance my career. Through access to her leadership story and perspective and a vibrant community of peers, we engaged in candid discussions about how people of color can have maximum impact while addressing the biases that often confront us.
Larry Green Health & Performance, Global Partnerships & Solutions Lead at Google
Beyond the classroom, the invaluable learnings, frameworks, and supportive community have had a lasting impact. With the curriculum's guidance, I not only defined my vision and mission for my current role but also established clear goals for my future endeavors.
Kristie King COO at Del Richardson & Associates, Inc.
Dr. Guity played a pivotal role in empowering me to discover my leadership voice, not only for my present position but also for any future opportunities I might encounter.
Dr. LaWanda M. Clark Founder & CEO of iMpact Awareness Action Advocacy, LLC
This supportive environment not only fostered accountability but also provided invaluable opportunities during a period of transition when I sought to reestablish stability.
Demetria Anderson Higher Education Consultant at PPOD Consulting Group

Is this workshop right for you?

Are you ready to feel confident communicating your value as a Black leader?

What to expect:

🔍 Build Your Leadership Inventory: Understand your leadership style, skills, assets and values; the critical experiences that defined your leadership journey; and where you want your leadership journey to go next.

📝 Craft Your Leadership Narrative: Using Dr. Guity’s tried and true framework, develop a personal pitch deck that showcases who you are as a professional with core strengths, skills, and experience and sets you up to achieve your next level objectives.

🌱 Learn to Evangelize Your Story: Learn how to apply your pitch deck to tell your story, and how to equip your team, your boss and your sponsors and mentors to leverage your pitch deck to shape others’ perceptions of you as a leader consistent with your narrative.

🌈 Gain Tips for Black Leaders: Practical insights and tactics for Black Leaders on telling your story, motivating others to tell your story, reinforce positive narratives and shift negative narratives Black Leaders often face.

🤝 Join an Inspired Community: Connect with fellow leaders, share experiences, and build a network of support, motivation and inspiration.

💪 Empowerment and Identity: Embrace your identity and explore your strengths as a Black leader in a supportive and empowering environment.

Ready to define your Black leadership story and unlock your full potential? Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey of empowerment and transformation!


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