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Welcome to Sparklos

Image by Genessa Panainte
For leaders looking to optimize their team's performance and accelerate growth

Sparklos is a technology and consulting services firm. We partner with passionate leaders and help them build diverse, high-powered teams to achieve incredible results.
Together we strive to help companies run like an exquisite orchestra, with the talents of each individual working in concert to create something extraordinary.

Orchestra Conductor on Stage
What we do 

We work with leaders to connect their strategy and values to their actions, the systems that run their business, and how they communicate.  

People +
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Unlike traditional staffing, Sparklos People + are high impact resources backed by a peer community, best practices, and strategic consulting to help you run your business.

Image by Klim Musalimov

Connect everyone’s contribution to a strong purpose, develop market-defining strategies, and align people, systems and behaviors to execute according to plan. 

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