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About Us

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Mission driven, female focused, results led. Success means we've helped a client close the gap between aspiration and achievement, recognition, and reward.

Image by Dawid Zawiła

Our Story

Sparklos’ mission is to see dramatically more women executives leading businesses, on boards, and securing top tier venture capital. We realize this through helping our clients to achieve outsized business results AND get the recognition and rewards deserved.


This mission emerges from decades of strategy and operations consulting, executive leadership, and acting as trusted partners to dozens of executives across enterprises like Google, Microsoft and Salesforce. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with these executives, helping chart their progression to VP roles.


Patterns have emerged, hard lessons have been learned. We’ve seen extraordinary women leaders fail to get the recognition and rewards they deserve. We’ve seen them take incredible risks as they search out work environments and cultures that see and hear their greatness.


Leadership is always hard. It is even harder for women.


There are a lot of support systems out there for women executives. But Sparklos is unique and fills a crucial missing element. We take a portfolio approach across all key pillars of your success - we roll up our sleeves to chart strategy, support the ongoing work of operating with excellence and to help you navigate your career and business.

Meet the Team

Prior to Sparklos, the founders worked together for more than a decade helping leaders advance their careers, define new markets, and launch global programs that reached thousands. 

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